Blank Apparel Glossary: The Terms You Need to Know

Blank Apparel Glossary: The Terms You Need to Know

If you’re looking at creating an item of clothing or you’re about to start working in the industry and you’re totally overwhelmed by all of the industry specific language, this glossary is for you!

We’re going to break down all the key terms so that you know exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Automatic Press-

An automatic press is a screen printing press (see screen printing) which can produce work at a higher production rate than a manual press.

Basket Weave- 

Basket weave is a type of fabric weave in which threads form a crisscross pattern. It is commonly used on heavier fabrics.


Bleed refers to ink moving out of the area it is meant to be in and into another. You may notice this when you wash some clothes in the washing machine. 

Blended Yarns-

Blended yarns are made up of two fibers. An common example of a blended yarn is cotton and polyester. 


This is a type of uneven yarn which has a surface that includes loops and curls. 


Cashmere is a wool that is used as a luxury material in some items of clothing due to its soft texture.


Cotton is a material that is created from the fibers of cotton plants. It can also be combed to create combed cotton which is softer and stronger.


Custom made apparel is that which is made exactly as the customer requests. 


CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow black) are the four main colors used in printing.


Elasticity describes an item of clothing’s ability to return to its original shape after being stretched. Elastic fibers enable clothes to stretch without permanently changing. 


Embroidery is where small details or embellishments are added onto clothing using a needle. This can either be with a machine or by hand stitching.



Fleece is a soft, bulky and synthetic material that is often used to create jumpers.


Polyester is an incredibly common, synthetic fabric that is usually made of Petroleum. Polyester can retain its shape very easily.


Synthetic Fabrics-

Synthetic fabrics are man-made. They are not grown or found naturally but instead created from other substances.


Tri-blend is made when cotton, polyester and rayon are combined. It is very soft and often used in premium T-Shirts. 


Screen Printing- 

Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a method by which graphics are printed onto T-Shirts. Screen printing is one of the most affordable ways to print in bulk whilst maintaining print quality.



Yarn is a term used to refer to a length of fibers intended for use in manufacturing clothing using a machine or by hand.

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