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Accessory & Apparel Custom Embroidery

Assuming you’ve seen that iconic little man riding a horse on a polo shirt (Ralph Lauren), you already know what embroidery is.

To add custom embroidery on your next order, on a product page, just click the gray "Add My Design" button underneath "Add to Cart" and fill in the mini-form.

While more expensive than screen printing tees, embroidery is the way to go for a more formal look. It’s generally considered to be a more durable garment embellishment able to withstand wear and tear from use and evil washing machines. In fact, you may find that your embroidered design outlasts the apparel it’s stitched on.

Popular products for embroidery include polo shirts, button down shirts, baseball hats, and outerwear. Embroidery does not work well with loosely knit fabrics. We cannot embroider on leather, velvet, mesh or other non-standard fabric types. Don’t worry though, our website is setup so that embroidery is only offered as an option for products that would work well.

Embroidery involves digitizing the graphic and then using computer-controlled industrial sewing machines (Tajima) to create the design on the item. Creating the digitized graphic is part of our service. Unlike other decorators, we do not charge extra for that. Of course, we’ll send you a proof of your digitized design for your review, comment, and approval before we stitch away.

Embroidery is most often used for relatively small designs (e.g. logo on the left chest of a shirt). For anything more than 5 inches by 5 inches, we should probably discuss alternative embellishment methods. Embroidery is a popular choice for companies looking to build their brand with their logo on various items such as golf shirts, baseball hats, jackets, button down shirts, and messenger bags.

If you have any concerns or need help with your logo or art file that you want to embroider, we do that! Read about our free design help.